'established' Renoise Users? :)

mike (terminal11) uses modplug and audiomulch. i told about renoise and he knew about it of course but he said he doesn’t like “learning” new apps. ;)


What’s his slsk name?

If you don’t know already: “Ślepcy” means “The Blind” (or “Blindmen” but I see also a woman there) in Polish.

Ahh my mistake. Think I was getting confused with Line47 who does

And nobody’s mentioned Sunjammer, who posts on here occasionally (and has had some very good ideas with scripting etc :) )

Sunjammer ofcorse, and dblue in my opinion. He might not release commercial stuff, but he’s done so much quality I think he should count. :)

Oh, and Sewen is up and coming, with a band but still.

Original Recipe
Friends of dBlue’s I believe - their stuff is amazing - highly recommended.

And, err…

Datasette needs to be on that list… Crystal clear production. Some really terrific songs.

Don’t know if it counts as established, but at work i’m partly hired as a Graphic Designer / music producer =) I’ve switched over to only using Renoise now when writing songs…

Ohh and about my work. Mostly background music for smaller productions. Some shorter background tunes were implemented in the Demo Tour Video in some SonyEricsson mobile phones, so I would guess millions of people already heard it around the world, but there’s not a artist name or a real songname on those productions.

For Reference. I made 3D animations and music in the DemoTour Video on following phones, and more to come.

SonyEricsson W850i
SonyEricsson W900i
SonyEricsson K750i

Some other background music for several other companies & projecs. Been lasy writing songs for personal pleasure, but hopefully i will have time to finish some new tracks (still unfinished) and upload them somewhere =)

/ Riggi

If it’s that broad add “Jega” to the list. I don’t know if he is still making tracks or not. I believe
his “spectrum” album was tracked. Friend caught him at a bar in New York. Friend was in town for
some kinda music event. Started shooting the breeze and realized it was jega himself. Caught his
performance that day and he was using a tracker on his laptop at the time…

[quote=“choice, post:17, topic:18214”]
is this for trackers in general now? i thought it was for strictly renoise users?
in that case theres a Bunch!

: SNIP :

Ohhh by the way, I made a song that became quite popular on the net a few years ago. It’s an old tracked tune (FastTracker 2), but i’m planing to make a remake, and renoise version. Some old demos can be found here. Or if anyone want the vocals to play with, just contact me =)

The song is “Don’t follow the stream”

And some info about that old project.


if it counts as Establised and is good enuff i would love to contibute with something for promotional purposes.

i like the idea of having personal wiki pages.

@yank crime, i shouldnt give away his slsk user, i do believe you can contact him on myspace tho.

Seconded! :)

But now he is working with it! XD

what do we all mean by established?

Im sure there are people who use renoise who may be in these forums who have released a significant amount of records but do not want to give themselves away. mystery is an essential tool behind successful artists.

I think it may be asking a lot for people to reveal themselves as it were…

electric celebrities are among us lol!


probably more than you think !!!

yes, what is established exactly? having a record deal? i think there are so many talented artists using renoise that aren’t signed. i think that it would be cool to have a compilation of the most talented ‘unsigned’ renoise users…this also falls in line with the independent spirit of renoise! :yeah:

if people are interested in this idea, i suggest making a new thread only for people to submit demos etc. I would be interested in possibly “helping” such a release. ^_^

I’ve just heard about another huge electronica artist now using Renoise.

I had better not say unless I get an OK - but think arguably one of the biggest, most highly regarded acts/producers out there.

lol, is this a hoax ? Is he afraid something happens to his career when he it get public he uses renoise ?