'established' Renoise Users? :)


Otto Von Schirach is on the MySpace Renoise user’s group page… he’s an established artist… not sure how much he actually uses Renoise though

Dj Hidden

Right :lol:


referring to your smiley, i’m glad to see you’re reasonable enough to be not serious about that, too. ;)

davaNtage or davaNtage@myspace
Future Trail

Accept Keith303, i don’t know any of the above ones… So how would you define ‘Established’ ? :P

hmmm… there are also RENOISE users outside this forum and with bad english-knowledge (like me).
I´ve made about 120 Renoise - song´s in 4 years (3 records mostely made with renoise) … and I hope I´m ‘Established’. :unsure:
If not … I´ll go on and have fun with RENOISE :walkman:

Actually, I am. “Electronic Space Cowboy” is pure genius, a tune that lies with my jazz and fusion stuff (along with Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, Dave Weckl, Jan Johansson, and others). I especially love the moment where the glass piano enters (at -03:40). “Martian Spaceboots” sounds like Aphex Twin from the “I Care Because You Do” era. “Subtly Distant Comatose” and others remind me of AFx, FSOL, etc. as well.

Don’t be so modest, Keith303 :yeah:

davaNtage is very interesting as well. Reminds me of Depeche Mode. Good lyrics. A pity no full tracks are available on the website ;)

Shaper is on the other hand very raw. Yeah, the website is cool and stuff but the music? Great for soundtracks, for games, scene demoes, maybe movies if well fit. But still, yeah, it’s decent quality.

Well I don’t know about being established, or in fact anyone digging my music or not, but I’d sure like to try out for any possible renoise web-release. I reckon a lot of the other “regulars” here could contribute something special too.

Why don’t we do it like the old Maz-sound compo: tracked worx-2k. Everyone can submit a song and then a committee goes through all of them and makes a best of out of it.

It would be good to release it for the 1.8 final.

Nice idea but as many people are using VST, the CD would be an mp3-compilation. The fascination of tw2k is to see how people did their stuff. On the other hand, I would create some non-vst stuff to get on the CD ;)

Btw.: I consider myself established, too -although my latest releases are not so good ;)

2k?! Pffft! I was on Mazzive Injection Tracked Worx 1997.

What the f**** is old about 2k?

Oh wait, me.

Hehe… :) I missed THAT boat.

I know ASC uses Renoise as he contacted me through here a while ago.

Also fairly sure I remember hearing that Terminal11 uses it as well, but not so certain.


he makes some nice shizzle…

uhm… kowareta hioshi… or something like that :)



ps. we should build a collective like jazzanova. musicians, gfx artists, cg artists, designers, etc.


is this for trackers in general now? i thought it was for strictly renoise users?
in that case theres a Bunch!

being the huge fan of him an from chatting with soundmurderer, i was under the impression he was happy using his recode of All Sound Tracker. unless this has changed??

soundmurderer does reccommend renoise tho, maybe someone got confused?



although thats actually NOT funny!

im going to have a word with him next time i see him on slsk!~

+1 on that idea… Mini Renoise web-label, something like Kahvi. Both mp3 and xrns.