Eternal Warmth

Thought I might as well try out a new approach in compression - Enjoy!

I’m not sure what you mean by DNB, but it sounds like a scene-song to me.
Your lead messes up around 3:32 and 3:45… If you did this dissonance on purpose, it really doesn’t sound great.
Your tune in overall sounds fantastic though!

It does? :P/> I tend to do out-of-bound-stuff in generally all of my tracks - I guess it’s partially good and of course partially bad.
Anyways, I agree with you: The lead is messed up at the part you mentioned. Originally it was on purpose, but now I wonder why I included it at all.
Thanks mate!
Additionally I’d like to know what you mean by “scene-song” - it might be hard to distinguish as true DNB, but I have no idea what you mean by scene-song.

by ‘scene’ vV is referring to the Demoscene - the music from the demo scene has a certain kind of style to it, in your case I think it is the riffs that you have on your lead that give it that kind of sound. You can check out some demoscene radio here

Going back to our earlier conversation about compression, I would say here that you have lost a lot of the dynamic out of your mix, everything is ‘loud’ all the time - although a lot of modern production has that kind of glossy style, and going by your reference to deadmou5 I guess that is also what you are going for :)

Anyway, I like the ‘sceney’ lead on this track, nice one :)

Ah, of course, the Scene! I wonder how tired I was when I was replying to vV in the first place.

Yes, the dynamics are lost, almost completely - Although it still got more dynamics than most other “DNB”-Tracks, ironically.
I pumped up the volume to vaguely become it comparable in terms of volume with other DNB-Tracks - obviously, this has the major drawback of missing dynamics.
I am actually against the loudness-war, but as far as I’ve seen, everybody doing DNB seems to ignore the missing dynamics and just pump it up like hell - I just gave it a shot.

I mostly refer to Pendulum and DuoScience when talking about DNB, so I am really curious how you think I am refering to deadmou5 all of the sudden. :P
Personally, I’ve never really even listened to Deadmou5 - sure, I think once or twice a few years ago, but that doesn’t really count, eh?

I think I know what you are both talking about - Yeah, the lead certainly sounds sceney, but I noticed that I do that very often in my tracks. A blessing or a disease? You’ll be the judge. ;)

haha, I just re-read your previous post and you are quite right, sorry my memory is getting bad in these older years ^_^ I was talking about the production style rather than the sound itself, but yes, it is glossy like Pendulum too :)

Hahaha, it’s very interesting to see that it is somewhat comparable with one of the big-guys - My way of compression and “boosting” (Loudness-War, anyone?) is certainly not coordinated
and definitely pathetic, to be honest. I’d be really interested to get to know more about the technical things.
I know about the dynamics and their connection to compression and maximizing for example, but certainly not how to use the compressor, maximizer and most other mastering-tools properly
and for my advantage - for example, my two tracks, “Resurrection” and “Eternal Warmth”, feel a bit squashed sometimes - obviously too much dB Boost on the Maximizer, but the Compression I used
don’t give me another option other than just boosting the hell out of it, without overdoing it way too much - Else it’s not even close to comparable with other tracks in that genre in terms of volume…

Any tips or suggestions on how I could get better at it?

The tune was awesome. Funky, just how i like it. I just didn’t kinda catch the Drum and bass feel, you might want to get some new samples that would sound more as drum and bass.

Don’t know if these fit into drum and bass, but you can give them a try:

Aye, funk is crucial for my tracks, whatever genre it is - I guess I got influenced by both Funk and Jazz.
Well yeah, I agree! I have a TINY sample and VSTi Library to choose from - For DNB I got only 1 sample for both the Kick and the Snare - It’s shameful.
I downloaded it and took a look at some of them - they are amazing! I already fell in love with them, thanks man!

Hehe, no problem :) Glad I helped :D

Hmm, I notice that you were right - they are not really useful for drum & bass to be specific, but certainly well for other Electronic genres as well as other genres which require acoustic drums, like Jazz for example - rather nice, still. :D

Anyways, I would appreciate it if someone knows where people could get unmastered Tracks, especially in different Genres, to practice mastering and thus also compression on.
Anybody? :P