Ethnic Delight

Come on just what you have come to expect from me right?

Part of it is pleasing. Almost calming and then you hear some very disturbing samples.

It kind of f*cks with your mind. I really like the very basic melody in it and the choice of instruments and the samples add another element.

WTF is this? Is this a song? What would you call it?

I cannot wait to really mess with this more.

Started yesterday and spent some time today playing with it.

Edit 1 - Added breath-in sound
Edit 2 - Let the instrument used as snare play out and added breath-out sound. Also changed the title of the song to “My Pulse”…0My%20Pulse.mp3

I seriously think that at some basic level, I am now a worse person because of listening to this. :stuck_out_tongue:

While this isn’t anything I would normally listen to, I respect your project and I think it’s interesting.

One thing I could suggest is that working on that sound that you sort of use as a snare/crash throughout - the one sounds like an “ahhh” coupled with a hiss. I think it cuts out a little too abruptly. Maybe a light verb to soften up that cut, or maybe mess with the volume instrument album so it doesn’t go to 0, but instead has a slight fadeout. I don’t know why, but that cut was bothering me as the “song” (I don’t know what it is either… :stuck_out_tongue: ) went on.

Keep working, this one can definetly rock. :)

Yes, definitely not what most people would throw in the cd player.

Yes I know exactly what you are talking about. Originally that sample was too loud and I had to play with the volume with that one particular drum and then there was something else that was bothering me about it and you have helped me to hear what it is.

I will play with that a bit today and fix it. I love when I make a mistake like that over the course of many patterns only to have to fix each one!


I added some more elements to this “collection of sounds” or whatever.

Thank you for the constructive feedback.

sagosen - Thank you very much!

Oh, and you should also record several different breathing samples for variation and to give your tune more life. :)

And you’re welcome. :P

Here is a version with Henriette.

She adds a MAJOR impact to it and this seemingly strange song somehow sounds right.…0Henriette).mp3


Best I’ve heard from you so far, this was dark, scary, evil and disturbing in every sense. Good job! :)

I’m sitting here with Henriette listening for

A couple things I’d like to point out that I don’t like is the pan flute melody thingey, not sure it fits. Although, it fits better each time I listen to it… Also, a bit too much happening at once in the end where there’s radio chatter and singing at once. Maybe it would fit better with some distant aaah’ing or something if you know what I mean. :)

Also, slightly more vocal processing could be nice, not much but a few discrete echos here and there. You don’t want to mess up the mood you have, just add a veeeery slight creepyness to it all.

Thank you very much!

The pan flute has the same effect on me. I was a little put off at first and the more I listen to more it grows on me.

I will work on the ending and see if I can make it less busy.

Also will add some vocal processing touches here and there.

Cannot say I have ever made that type of serious attempt with it so I will have to experiment a little and see if I can figure it out.

THANKS AGAIN for everything!

Edit April 21st - That section with the loud chatter. I reduced the volume so her voice is still nice and loud. Also added reverb to her vocals and it does not sound so dry not.

I am having a very tough time with those subtle echos you mentioned. Not something I am used to doing.

I imagine it’s very easy, but just having great difficulty with that request. Still trying though.