Eurorack Cases

Hello forearm

Do any of you own eurorack gear? Can you recommend any cases??

Seems like so many out there…whats good ??



I can speak for the two cases I own. A blonde Monorocket 6U that came with my Make Noise Shared system and the Make Noise 104hp skiff I use mostly as effects, output and Sequencing.

Never had an issue with the Monorocket for years. Sturdy case that feels durable and with the suitcase design is easy to transport.

I had one issue with the Make Noise case but their team is top notch and everything was solved quickly and without sweat.

Just make sure you have a good idea of what modules you want or at least search around Muffs to see if anyones had an issue with the power supply you end up with before buying a bunch of stuff. You also need to be aware of the power draw of the modules you get. If you are going to have a ton of digital stuff then they have a larger draw on average. Also if they need +5v.

The newest Intellijel cases look very nice, and their 1U tiles are very useful.

Is it going to stay in your basement and have money to spend (there are some beautiful 12U wooden cases)? Are you trying to stay at a specified limited setup (Erthenvar lunchboxes are a popular choice or a Make Noise skiff)? Tip Top Happy ending kit with rails is the way to go if you want to jerry rig something in Lego or cardboard or whatever.

Really, there are tons of options, especially with Euro over the other formats. Go to Muffs and search for cases and it will lead you down the rabbit hole.

If you haven’t already, get an account at ModularGrid as well. Its always the first place to check for new modules, power draw, pricing, plan your rack, feed gas etc