Eurorack modular synthesizer with renoise?


I recently started to get into eurorack modular synthesizers. For a few projects, I’ve used it together with renoise, by routing midi to the euro and audio back in to renoise.

Other eurorack users here? Any special tips or inspirational usages? Do we need a tool?

I’m very interested in Euro rack synths though affording 1 is not yet a possibility. I have been messing with Reaktor 5 since 2008, not sure if your familiar with it but I have just recently build a sequencer like Rene and Trigger Riot on LSD, make connections via IC and viola virtual spagetti, but not nearly as cool as the real thing… Hope that some day I’ll be able to merge Reaktor 5 and a modular togethor with an IO interface of somekind.

What kind of rack/modules do you own? Do you have any syncing issues or anything like that?

This is my current modular still building…

After some initial overwhelmed disarray, I decided to 1) leave sequencing for later (do sequencing from the computer) and 2) try to avoid to replicate what I can already do with softsynths.

It syncs really tight with renoise, no problem at all.

I’m thinking seriously of starting with euro rack modular. Specifically I’m looking at starting with Braids as a versatile sound source. How are you getting on with Braids?

Well actually not too well. Thought about selling it, but I’m keeping it for now.

Too few modulation options and too less one-button-per-function (or too much menu diving) is a general problem with mutable instruments in my opinion. Obviously they sound great and lot of people love them, so far I just get along better with other brands.

I’m really interested to know how the long term value of these new digital/analog modules will compare to the all analog modules…

I’m guessing not too well since a piece of fuzz or static electricity can render digital useless…

Not a euroracker myself (yet) but you may be interested in this…

Yeah looking really tempting.

However I already spend too much this month. Besides I have a plan and I should try to stick with it. But tempting…

Anything you can use to make samples with is invaluable. if you work in that way.

Modular user for about 1 1/2 - 2 years now… Mutable Instruments is in my setup by choice, and there’s NO looking back. I get your desire to have no ‘menu diving’ but the next level abilities is definitely for the wiggler on a budget and/or hacker/ experiment minded individual as well. And it’s really not a lot of all Mutable Instruments gear… Other then Braids and Clouds these are the only firmware alloted devices no?

I have found bliss in this format and it’s brought interfacing back to my interaction with music production and the desire to understand audio in a spectrum that isn’t so academic but allows room for creativity as the control. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a science and can be taught and broken down but it’s far better to let the music teach you :wink:

Any more ideas with Renoise and modular PLEASE! I’m interested!!

Ive been using Renoise mainly as a simple 1 channel sequencer sending gates and cv using korg sq1 as a midi to cv converter. It works great,not really that advanced but i do have loads of short sequences i can use with my eurorack!

Hey I also wanted to let you guys know about a module by ‘expert sleepers’ that will allow renoise and modular to coexist. It’s worth the investment if your using these two together. The possibilities are endless.

If you are too cheap or broke or ghetto whatever for the ‘expert sleepers’ stuff, an envelope follower (A-119 or something like it) or the esp section of an ms-20 can do pretty well, too. Just modulate the volume of some noise/tone on a channel going to an unused output on your sound card, no worries about ac coupling and stuff. You know, for synced modulations, envelope firing and such fun stuff.

(yeah, maybe it’s not as good but it’s still good)

NerdSeq is something to look into! 800$ but brings trackers to the Euro… Along with TONS of monster weight!

Braids, BTW is TIGHT! ive recently added QuBit’s Nebulae :wink: thats a treat! I REALLY want the tele-type by monome… ugh!

I’m thinking about trying to sequence my eurorack with renoise, which was my DAW of choice before I went purely modular. I have some concerns which I’m hoping somebody can allay: I want to be able to control gate length via midi (via an expert sleepers fh2 I’m thinking), using note offs on renoise should be fine, but is that also going to kill the pitch data it’s sending? I guess I could always set up individual tracks for gate and pitch. Anybody using renoise to sequence eurorack?

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Had a quick look at the manual for the fh2, found that it allows for
up to 16 MIDI->CV converters simultaenously.

So, it could be best to send Pitch and Gate completly independent
of eachother; perhaps routing the Gate data from one Midi Channel
to a CV in on a VCA and pitch data from a different MIDI Channel
to CV in of a sound source.

Can see making envelopes for gate using the stepper device or
something similar to allow for more VCA shape changes in a
live setup.

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Yeah this is the approach I’m thinking. It would be nice if renoise could send 14bit midi, anyone know a way? I was messing around with some renoise LFOs controlling amplitude of a droning single cycle waveform (just in renoise software) and it sounded very harsh, as if maybe the lfo was actually quantised to ticks with no smoothing. Anyone getting smooth modulation out of renoise via midi? Fh2 has inbuilt cc controllable slew so that might be the answer.

The module you are using appears to have a method for combining
two 7-bit CC’s to create a 14-bit value which can be mapped to the
voltage levels; it does not however appear to accept NPRN directly.

Below is from the fh2 manual:

For example, say the direct level on output 5 is mapped to CC 4 on MIDI channel 1 (as it is in the
default configuration). Then CC 36 (36 being 4 + 32) on MIDI channel 1 is automatically mapped
as the low 7 bits, unless that CC has been explicitly mapped to control something else.

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Has anybody been successful in using Expert Sleepers modules with Renoise?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


Expert Sleepers Fh-2 runs with any software, great deep modul

Expert midi breakout don’t run, maybe no midi standard (midi clock always run)
no answer from the manufacturer (have only old hardware, electron user have no problems)

Es-9 hardly any experience, audio works / cv not (in Bitwig) Editor for windows 7 don’t work
all in all better experience with apple as windows when out of the box, midi, cv, gate