Even More Dubstep From Wrong

Hi y’all. It seems I’m on a roll, churning out track after track. This one was made in two days (and is still a W-I-P, sort of). Comments and constructive criticism is welcome, as always.

The tune is called Tetratonne. I dunno if that is even a word, but who cares?
There’s a Bobby Womack sample in there, but it should be pretty unrecognizable. Hope you like it.


EDIT: updated link to new version.

This is very dope man. The drop is good, but I wasnt feeling some of the intro bits for some reason. After that it was incredible.

Thanks, mate. I’ve been considering doing something with the intro. I’m not too fond of the bright, tappy arped synth, so I might replace that with something more suitable.

i would loose the keys on the intro and keep the tappy arped synth…but with some extra gritty on it (some distortion or something) …also…it was kind of long for an intro…

the track is amazing …but i agree with marcusg…i didn’t feel the intro either.

really nice track !!! :walkman:


I won’t be original - after intro its really nice.

What synth[s] did you use to make them so wicked?

About intro - its not bad at all but bit empty - imvho it should be nicer with some additional samples or vocals?


It’s obvious that the intro needs a rethink, then. Additional samples might be the way to go, like some drawn out, spooky female vocals or something.

Synths used (I am at work, so might not remember all of them):

  1. The sine wave that comes with renoise. That’s the sub used throughout.
  2. The buzzing/sweeping sound that introduces the beat is made up out of two other Renoise instruments. One is the white noise sound. It pitches up real slow, and it’s being treated to a chorus at an ultra-slow setting, which gives it that interesting descending/ascending sound. The other is a triangle wave (also a Renoise instrument) with increasing distortion and increasing cut-off on the scream filter.

There are several other synths:
3. One is a fast-attack fast-release TAL Elec7ro bass that’s with scream filter on it (automated cut-off). This is the first synth you hear as the beat kicks in. Like almost every other synth it is layered with the sub.
4. There is a wobble-type thing that’s another reuse of the triangle (or was it a saw?) wave, with flanger, distortion and LFOed to wobble. Layered with the sub.
5. I forget what the screamy arped synth is, but it’s a VST plug in. I’ve automated the octave, the arpeggio direction and a few other things to make it sound random. It may have CamelPhat distortion on it.
6. The second drop brings in two new synths. One is a preset on the VST Triangle 2, with an automated lo-pass filter, the other is one called P8, I think, and it’s another preset, but played at an very low pitch. It is a lead sound and hence not meant to be played at such a low register, but it sounds awsome. It has the same autmation as the Triangle.
7. Finally, there’s an organ preset sound that comes with the free edition of another VST plugin instrument, whose name I can’t recall at the moment, but I will let you know later.

I take the sub frequencies out of all the synths, with a filter and some EQing, and leave that range to the sub and the kick drum.

Thanks for all your feedback. It means a lot to me.

2:28 - 2:34 is awesome. :)

thanks for sharing.

Now THIS(your track) is Dubstep.

Fresh and forward thinking.

Have 2 dubstep tracks to do on my ep…making me want to do them now!!

Well done m8! :walkman:

edit: 2nd listen…drum need more smack IMO…maybe the track could use some more bottom end beef, cohesivesness as a whole…i personally like my drums quite loud in the mix so u don’t have to go down that route…but seriously I like the direction u r headed, keep it up!

Thank you, Tarek. I hereby return the compliment to you - I really like your dnb/neo-neurofunk explorations.

EDIT: and the mix is quite rudimentary, I just set the levels not to clip to badly. It is a W-I-P after all. I’ll make sure the drums come through properly in the final mix.

Alrighty then. Made a brand new intro and a couple of other new bits.
Let me know what you think of it now!

Here’s MK2 (also update in first post)


Thanks for all your comments so far.


Shamelessly bumping this in case you missed the update.