Even more new stuff from me: The Klimax



The production on this track isn’t that great, actually, but part of the ethos for this song was making it and releasing it quickly, warts and all. I will put some more work into the transitions, the mixing and the overall production by and by. For now, enjoy the rough-around-the-edges version that’s here, until I re-upload a more polished one.

It’s pretty good for being done quickly with warts. Some of it sounds a little muffled and maybe it lacks variety overall. Could use some different basslines or chord changes here and there.

Thank you for commenting!

I want it to be repetitive, in a relentless kind of way, but I will add some interest by adding more detail and variety of the production (build-ups, filtering, swooshes and swoops) kind rather than changing the chords. Also, it does take some time to get going, so I’ll make the opening part a few bars shorter. The synth melody at the end is awful (at least production wise) and has to be changed/panned/EQ’d.

Updated and reuploaded! Just click the same old link or use the same player.

I like the roboty voice sample

Thanks! It’s actually a sample (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNTyfVh3nmU) + two synths, a send track vocoder and lots of eqs, distortion, filters and all kinds of bits and bobs.