Even More Renoise-promotion!

I came to a conclusion that there are quite a lot people around in this country who make electronic music but don’t know about Renoise yet, or worse, think FT2 is the peak of trackers. To educate such people and to promote Renoise in general, I wrote an article “Renoise – the new weapon of hobby musicians” to the largest Estonian computer magazine, “Arvutimaailm” (Computer World). I don’t have a scanner and you wouldn’t be able to understand the language anyway :) but nevertheless, I photographed the pages with a digicam.

>>Pages 1-2<<

>>Page 3<<


Nice B)

Thanks :)

Tore näha, et keegi Eestist sellest veidigi innustust sai :D

good one kiste! :yeah:

I also plan to inform a very well known italian online magazine about ReNoise, but I prefer doing it once MIDI files I/O and Mac version will be done.

Great work Kiste. Just widh I could read it :) Are you writting officially for this mag ?

I also have my plans on doing a swedish article, but I think I´ll probably wait until some more bits are in place…

Ahem… what’d you mean by “officially”?

(btw, nice to hear that other people are planning on writing articles as well. the more promotion, the better!)

I think he wonder if you are a regular writer for this magazine, if you work for it not just as a freelancing writer…

Ahh, I see… well, I’ve written some 20+ articles over the last few years, so in this regard, I guess, I’m still more like a freelancer (if not for the count of articles, then for my having a full-time job elsewhere :))