Eventide Ultra-Channel plugin free till July 8th!!

Seriously, you’d be nuts not to grab this. This thing is pretty awesome.


Use this code: 07CB9799

Wow ! Thanks !!!

I’ve registered an hour ago and email with installer didnt come yet.
How long it took for you? I.ve got no problems with other parts of instalation.

Took 1 minute for me last night.

Ok, so links are visible after registration now.

Very awesome! Thanks for posting this.

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :yeah: :yeah:

Thanks a lot!!!

Thank you very much, excellent find!
After trying this out some hours, my first impression is that it sounds better than the Waves EQ/Compressor combination. Also the presets are very, very helpful. Definately a quality plugin.
Let’s see what else Eventide has to offer.

Pff…creating and installing a i lok account …no F…n way …even when it’s for a free eventide plug.
I don’t get .;.it’s free for a month …why not disable the ilok then ?

Gotta love when people feel the urge to express their disapproval of how free software is distributed. It’s one thing when you’re forced to use shitty DRM for software you paid for, but it’s a bit silly to come in here just to say you won’t be getting this, isn’t it? The software isn’t even intrusive, and it takes 15 minutes to register an account and install/activate. And it’s free. You can use a throwaway email to register. It won’t give you cancer, or kidnap your daughter.

But whatever, if you feel righteous speaking out against developers who want to protect their software from piracy, more power to you. I’ll enjoy the free plugin.

If I wasn’t a Pro Tools user aswell I would have let this one slip aswell. Big whoop there’s a lot of good plug-ins out there.

You are wrong:


Btw. installing the Ilok cost me less than 10 minutes, including email registration.

ilok has its advantages… like no loosing your serial number.

Really glad I’ve grabbed this. Tried it on a couple of breaks & managed to get some quite authentic sounds out of it. iLok thing could be painful idd (no internet on my studio PC) but it’s surprisingly hassle free once you’ve set it up.