Ever Made Hardrock? I Think I Just Did


Check this fusioned piece of art

:drummer: :guitar:

Well done! The guitar that comes in at 2 minutes sounds so sweet!
I didnt like the intro though, sorry :D
An idea: in the choirs in the background that is at 2 minutes
in, have you tried adding a little more delay or reverb, so that
the chords gets a tail and “flow” into each other. The choir will sound
larger then.
Cool use of filter and start and end. Was that the moogfilter?


Thanks Mike_SWE I already had put a little reverb on the choir, I’ll try to add some delay on it. I’ll put it on my to do list next to 2 minor flaws i found in the track. I’m too lazy to fix them.

The filter was not Moog (kick ass filter)… it was the Kjaarhus Audio Classic Filter. :blink: i think its called that way.

What exactly would you have liked different in the first 1.30 mins of the track? :up:

I really liked the intro. My only complaint is the sound of the majority of melodies sound like they’re only using one column–it’s too abrupt sounding when instruments cut off–if you’re using mostly samples and not vst’s, do some instrument envelope editing (sustain) so the note doesn’t immediately cut off when it has stopped playing (especially the choir and strings samples/sounds just as Mike mentioned). There ARE some instruments where immediately cutting off seems appropriate–the synth sounds that do arepeggios and stecatto rythms, and obviously the drums.

Otherwise, it’s a good song. Good job.

I need to say though–as good as I think this song is, it doesn’t fit anywhere into the hard rock spectrum–or even just the rock spectrum. It’s not rock in any stretch of the category, but it IS a good song.

Ok i took some very usefull (to do list) notes.

Thanks Kizzume! I really apriciate the way y’all give feedback. Very effective, couldnt have thought of all that so easily. I’ll change the cut-off in the melodical instruments and add a smooth delay to the choir and strings. Nobody has yet noticed the 2 flaws in the track (colliding melodies), but it still should be fixed.

It’s just not much fun work cuz I’ve got to render to wav again, tweaking, do a new mastermix and master that mix, etc… Next week or something.

actually i labeled the song as Breakbeat Hardrock (fusion), but i’m stil unsure about how to label this. Maybe Electro Rock, or Soundtrack. but that sounds a bit lame…

The guitar sample is a ‘C-4 one-hit’ wav 800kb… want to have it? give me an emailadress

:panic: My eyes didn’t see the sub-heading–I must have smoked too many bong hits…

I just saw: “Ever Made Hardrock? I Think I Just Did”

Sorry about that—Kizzume putting his foot in his mouth again…