Everything automation?

Maybe I have said it before but here goes again,

everything should could be controlled with automation (also midi)((also midi channels in/out and midi program change and transpose.
aNd also, especially all the stuff in the sampler, phrases LPb, sample command fx slider

automation on scales and note?

yeah, everything, I guess

oh, and the macro, 8 is not enough, why not just have everything in the sampler being automated do as all the other envelopes automations outside side sampler, have the sampler automation go out of the sampler so you don’t need the macros? Would be much easier:)

and also Automation on vst plugin instruments and audio plugin GUI. Thaaank you:)

You can automate plugins via the *Instrument Automation device.

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I know, but you could save a lot of time, well… I could:)

it’s been mentioned in other threads but I’d still love to see automatable Phrase LPB