Evoke 10 2007

woooooooooooooooohoooooooooo, I’m feeling demopartyish right now.
Are you guys coming?
Looza, Keith303, ptrance, cosmiq, kaneel, heck…all!


Evoke has been cancelled for me. Sorry dudes, clinic is calling again. :(
Oh well, drink a few beer for me, if you’re so kind…

That’s really sad to hear, pal…

I’ll drink for 2 ;)

I’ll be there.

i’ll be there, too.

damn, thought you already confirmed to come!? :(
but sometimes, life is just unpredictable, so best wishes for you.

the problem is… I want so much to get there. Would really dig a better atmosphere, compared to this one here at home right now. However, I think I still have a slight chance to come. (atleast for a small visit maybe) Depends on how dumb those doctors behave. :confused:

Well, wish you all a nice stay there!