Evoke 2005

evoke 2005 had several rns-entries in the tiny music and the multichannel music, check the releases, especially the tiny-music entry from mindflower and me, which made 3rd (only, I have to say, we thought we would win for sure, but I guess most people couldnt play the rns file and just chose among the xms and mods for their votes :( )


well, very nice! is “piiskoyylantuusuuny.rns” from you too? …chilly mood
maybe its only my ears but most of the other tunes (format: mod/xm/it) are
more chippy. sadly not much diversified genres.

btw.: i think these scene- meetings get more conservative
and dont pushing new techniques on new things. but showing each other how u get better workflow or quality out of old platforms. its scene- essential.
i think either it counts rudimentary GUI/cmd’s -overall handling or the scene (themselves) [show ur talent = fame]

[u know (e.g.); DJ’s got their Turntables - mc’s their mics - Tracker their it, ftII] :)

i know i missed the topic a bit, sry for that.

no, I have no idea from whom those other entries are. But now I have a nice renoise-paper telling me that I am an outstanding scener … thanx for that again, pulsar ! :D


btw… the Evoke was very nice this year. Dont miss it next year!

You could have checked the song properties…

nijinsky / jumalauta