Was it awesome? It was!!

Many Renoisers have been there:
Cosmiq, keith303, looza, ptrance, me and more.

kaneel, where have you been??

I’ve made some crappy photos with my crappy mobile.
ptrance has made some better photos.
Photos by Cosmiq: 1st album, 2nd album

Our entries (guys, you don’t mind me posting here, right?):

Tiny Music Compo (max. filesize 64kb):

Boombox by looza, 50kb (2nd)

Multichannel Compo (max. filesize 1.44 mb):

Nonstop Groove Up by keith303, 595kb zipped (3rd)
Techstep Nurse by ptrance, 1146kb zipped (8th)
Layla’s Face by me, 1390kb zipped, (10th)

Theme Remix Compo:

Züge schrubben by looza (5th)

Streamed Music Compo:

Thumbworker A1 by keith303 (3rd)
The Fight by looza (6th)
Psychosomatics by us [keith, looza, ptrance, nt] (8th)
Contrast by Cosmiq (13th)

I loved this party and it was ten times worth the heavy headache I’ve got right now :)

Edit: Refreshed some links for the pictures

Yeah… evoke rocked!!

Bytheway: cool pix! I’m gonna upload mine soon… they’ll be available here and some of 'm on slengpung :)

looks like a blast!

hey gilli - good to see you’re back in one piece. ;)
it was a really fun event - way better than breakpoint because of the increased cozyness.
met a lot of “old” mates i hadn’t seen for a decade, which was a nice experience.
if thunder & lightning won’t strike against me, i’m damn sure to attend evoke07 as well… too bad it only takes place once a year …

hehe…monday night - to evoke, tuesday night - to evoke, wednesday night - what a headache but I went to evoke :)

It was really cool there, though I wasn’t as vivid as I wished to be … as I now know I entered the first stages of the flu, I am really sick now that I am home again (found someone yesterday and we had a 8 hour trip today over a crowded autobahn … argh.)

but it sure was a blast, at this point I doubt I will be at the next breakpoint, but I sure as hell will be at next years evoke. :D

Was it me or could it be that you where gone early on sunday already? :huh:

Anyway, personally I found the competitions a big disappointment. Well… "UN-f****ING-BELIEVABLE name voting galore once again :)
Well, the party itself was still very nice and way better then Breakpoint. As for the next party, I´ll have to do my best to get more healthier before, so partying should make a little more fun.

Oh, for those who got earcancer from our Coop-Entry… someone bothered to spice it up just a little :)
Keith303, ptrance, nt, Looza - Psychosomatic (teh minimal better editsomething)

lol, will check that …

and about the namevoting, as I said either we visit him next year one week before evoke or we just do a “f**** you track” … same musical style and some lyrics like “halt doch mal die fresse, wir wollen das sosehr …”

edit:btw, did I miss something or was there really no pulsar and taktik ?

Ptrance: You are so absolutely right about that namevoting thing. Too bad-- But we’ve seen it on so many parties already…

As for the early-leave thing: I hadn’t have my computer with me… so I had to fill up my gaps of time drinking beer… – UNTIL THE CATERING WAS CLOSED (oh that was so bad mr.Evoke) :angry: So we were getting hungry and got bored so we left at about 6:00 in the morning to get some breakfast at the Koln station.

Next time I bring my computer and participate in cool co-ops and being a little more active over there.
But it was still nice to shake hands with you guys :D

From left to right : Skrebbel, Cosmiq, Ptrance, Keith303, Gilli

More to see here: (Thanks RollBack for the space!!) :


Evoke 2006 Photos - Just changed the url a bit…

btw -> The missing mp3/ogg compo entry: ptrance #Dracula Theatre Arolsen - Du Bist Mein (Heavily sliced down ver. and with way too long filename) - Most of you know this one alreayd I guess, since it´s a track which I unofficially spammed here last year or so :)

That’s one hell of a sexy t-shirt Cosmiq B)

Thanks guys, updated the links.

woohoo sewen! good to see you’re alive…thought you were stuck somewhere digging for gold :)

I’d like a dance with theresa… and NO shit… who the f* is she?
sewen: thx, that t-shirt is gonna get me chicks some day! :w00t: