Evolving Ambient Track


Origami Repetika - 01 11 11 by Adam Sigmund





Thank you kazaakore! I was wondering how they did taht

Didn’t comment before as I was listening to Dep’s new album when I typed it so didn’t listen.

Personally I think it needs a lot more layers of sound to really work as this kind of track. I was a huge fan of The Orb through much of the 90s and they had it with their sample “layering different sounds on top of each other.” As it is it barely evolves and really doesn’t have the layers of complexity to keep me interested. Although for the first minute I thought it could be nice I’m sorry to say it just doesn’t feel anything like a full track to me.

The new Dep album is great. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

Thanks for the helpful tips. This ws my first composition with CamelAudio’s alchemy so hopefully in the future I’ll make more interesting ambient tracks.
Thanks again! :)