Evolving Drums

Just wondering if anyone has any tip or techniques for creating evolving percussion in Renoise.

What I’ve been trying to achieve is a technique where I can create say a 4 bar loop, and then have it evolve continually over a longer period of time, but not become random nonsense.

I’ve played around with some ideas of my own. Basically just messing around with FX chains applied to one shot drum kits to see what happens: phrase randomisation, lfo synced pitch modulation, envelope modulation, multitap delays, volume cuts, randomised repeater, things.Sometimes I get good stuff, sometimes I don’t.

If anyone could give me some tried and tested ideas, or even techniques like clever modulations set-ups or what-not to try out I’d be most grateful.


Also while I’m on the topic of percussion, would anyone be able to give me some insight into the kinds of drum sounds created in a track like this.

I know Richard uses modulars mostly, would he have synthesised the drums or sampled them do you think? They sound so clear and crisp.

Anyways, cheers.

Some offhand thoughts (though this is something I want to experiment with):

Multiple LFOs with very long cycles, perhaps a custom wave form that is essentially a single slope.

Use the LFO’s to control gain, EQ, delay, and gating.

With the gating. have a maximizer after the gate so that when a signal does get through it can be immediately boosted/limited.

I would also use maYbe so that there’s always some signal variation as the loop runs.

That’s a clever idea with the gating / maximizer combo. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Must try it out.

Thanks for the tips.

Here’s an experiment I made: http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/files/file/551-progressivepercussionxrns/

Nice one man, it worked out great. Definitely the kind of thing I was looking for. Gonna chop up some distorted drums and then try it with them later on.

I came up with a glitch delay type effect by sending the original signal of a drum track to a send track loaded with a doofer I made, but keeping the ‘keep source’ option selected on the original drum track to retain the beat.

Works good for filling up peripheral spaces with embellishment sounds, makes the mix sound thicker. I’m gonna try extend it further down the line to see what else I can do with it through more complex routing. I think it could work nicely in conjunction with what you’ve achieved. I was using it on drums that had no variation, but combining with your method of progressive percussion the sound would be really complex. :slight_smile:

Be aware though that it can be fairly hard on the cpu, at least it was on my mac anyways.

The LFO with the Repeater is very slick!

If you use phrases you can also randomize the offset commands on it, works also good with drumloops you could render from your own song. Put a few notes into positions which would work for a drumbeat, could be something as simple as every 4th line, put some S00 commands behind them, then use the advanced edit pane to randomize their values, even out the second number by hand to make it less quirky. Quite often you get some nice variations you haven’t thought of that way.

Never thought of using the advanced panel like that before. Nice tip. Thanks man

Random Overlap in Keyzone. Repeater, comb filter, delay, and sample reduction. Send beat rythmically/semirandomly into randomized effects.

I am hearing something like this, though I do not think Richard Devine is using Renoise a lot.

Also I think Richard Devine listens to a lot of Autechre.


Nice Glitch Delay Redman:-)


Sounds great! how are you automating the which send track is used?

Hello The Otter Years

As you can see on track 5, its just a simple randomizer on the sends receiver (synced to tempo)

Do you see what I mean?

Here is another example with randomizers on the receivers on the multiband send. Its a messy patch and maybe not quite finished, maybe it never will be. Maybe somebody can finish it for me:-) Yeah well, its a lot of randomizers, but I think if you use the randomizers on what I like to think is the right parameters, then I inmy humble opinion its not just random nonsens. But that is a matter of taste I guess.

Another idea with this patch, was to use only Renoise 3.1 and what comes with it (samples/effects)