Ewok Tracker For Your Pda :p


Based upon skale interface.

Tho looking at the video didnt exactly convince me.

Was gone yesterday for me too, but it’s up again. :)

Definetly on the right track, pocketpc-tracking seems like fun but for pro stuff it didn’t exactly convince me either… We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose.

Although it has pretty far to go, it looks like it could be a
tracker alternative to making music with this software:


ive been really trying to get almost any type of tracker to work on my zaurus 5500.
i put an emulator on it and run a bunch on atari trackers from (atari heaven) on it but the emulator i had didnt have sound output so i was throughly pissed when i found out hehe

i had soundtracker running using X but it was so big that i couldnt really do anything with it without going absolutely crazy trying to move it around so i could see the screen.

i need to contact this guy an see if he plans on making a linux arm version of it

cuz this would be perfect for making mods with little tiny sounds or jotting down ideas i come up with.
anyway this looks very interesting to me

Totally agree, whenever I get ideas in my head they’re most the time perfectly scetchable with even with chip samples… :)

Oh, and the joy of tracking VS say, Super Mario on the move… Would rock!!! :walkman:

I have that one. It’s really nice, but I’m waiting for an update of the MIDI plug-in - I need it to send Start/Stop/Sync to sync with Nanoloop. Now it only transmits SPP. The MIDI interface (MPort) is a bit sketchy tho.

Psyn, the polyphonic synth plug-in is really cool actually.

Edit: http://www.planetgriff.com/pSyn.php

man i was just playing with by far the weirdest music progrm i ever played with

it called nanoloophttp://www.nanoloop.de/
i found out about it looking around lsdj http://www.littlesounddj.com/

lsdj was real cumbersome to use, but on the other hand nanoloop was really fun
i have a gb emulator on my zaurus and i was able to get it to work but it has some pretty awful noise in it so i found a good little emu for my laptop to check it out called bgb http://bgb.bircd.org/
this could most definetly be used in a live enviroment!
especially with the weird shit i was able to come up with in a very small amount of time. im sure ppl would want to hear it
the sound in bgb was reasonably good (for lofi) it certainly was able to hit some real nice 8bit bass it only goes up to 48khz but it was good enuff i had it on 20ms latency and it worked good while i was playing it although i find a really strange screen were everything is all jumbled up and thats were the weirdest shit is but its also where you can easily crash it.
its certainly weird getting this type of bass from a little device like a zaurus
or the bgb emu

Yeah! Nanoloop rocks! I want the 2.0 for GBA as well. But I need a GBA first. :P
Griff on PPC and Nanoloop 1 and 2 on GB and GBA + some effect pedals = a way cool battery operated setup. Oh, I need a battery operated mixer as well.