Ewql Wordbuilder For Sc Integrated Into Play 2.1

For those still hassling with Wordbuilder, Symphonic Choirs and virtual Midi cables:

Changes and enhancements in PLAY Software Update version 2.1.1

  • addition of Integrated Wordbuilder into PLAY for Symphonic Choirs users - updated user manual for Symphonic Choirs including Integrated WordBuilder instructions - improved performance and handling for large Hollywood Strings legato instruments - fixed blank default reverb preset for instruments not saved with a reverb preset - fixed offset Instrument drop-down list for instruments with longer names - fixed graphic keyboard bug when deleting modified instrument - fixed stuck notes accumulating over time - fixed “save instrument” dialog box appearing in separate window - fixed possible performance issue with instruments that use note timers (repetitions)


good news. I hope this will make the Choirs usable (it is very hard to get convincing sounds in Wordbuilder in my opinion)

Try the Roland VP-7, you can use your own vocal formings to perform choir sounds. The vocalizer audio is not as rich sounding as the Vota expansion though, but it could compete against the traditional choir sounds for convincing output.