Ewx 24/96


Enyone else here uses EWX 24/96? I have started to get bluescreens and they are caused by the drivers of my soundcard! Damn Terratec from coding bad drivers!

Tell me do you suffer too? I bet it-Alien had this very same card also?

Or could it be my vid card? It seems that ALL of my problems have roots in my ATI in the end (I complained about constant crashes in Renoise while back but they have dramatically reduced when ATI released new drivers). I wouldn’t be surprised if the devil would be ATI again!

I mean I KNOW that its Terratec drivers that crash but could it be that my ATI causes that to happen. Nowadays you can’t be sure about anything in computers…

i use the terratec ewx since more than 3 years - NEVER bluescreen or problems with the drivers!!! on win2000 & XP …

AND … i use ATI gfx-cards since 6 years (RAGE128,RADEON9200) … NEVER problems, never crashes!!!

:D B)

Then it must be that my mobo is like uncompatible with everything! This is sooo wrong! :ph34r:

Oh, maybe I’ll try to incerase my dram voltage… hmmm…

btw. my graphics is Club3d Rad9600 pro… I should have gotten 9200, I really don’t need all those fancy dx9 features. Although mildrops is nice :P.

ddram could be a problem … really - i have 2 dimms (512mb) pc3200 (kingston&VT) but it’s impossible to run on 400mhz … at the moment the dimms are working fine with 374mhz (i’ve a gigabyte mobo - really flexible to overclock and to set different frequencies - agp/pci/fsb/ram)

Yeah, for sure, but I just checked my rams freq and volts. It seems my pair of KHX3200/256mb are running on 400mhz with 2.75v and that should be plenty, considering they aren’t overclocked. And they sure are able to run at the given speed, and should have enough voltage, cause recommended volts for those chipsare 2.65v, since I know. And latency timings shouldn’t be problem too 'cause they perform as tight as I can set them… :P

My mobo in the other hand could be the problem cause its ASUS i865pe P4P800. 865 have lot more incompatibilities that 875, or so I have understood, at least with vid cards.

Let’s see… keep on testin’ tesin’ testin’…bring flowers to my grave…