Ex/Import LoopPoints in Copied/Saved Samples

i was in #renoise and i was chatting w/ BYTE and he recommended i post this as a bug (he said taktik would read this)

when you copy a sample to clipboard… and paste it… the sample loop points disappear - also when you save a sample (export) the loop points disappear (i dont know if this is just lack of a feature or if its a bug)

it would also be very useful if i could see the loop point start value and loop point end value without zooming in all the way on the waveform

ps - i am using renoise 1.9.1

This was unfortunately never done/implemented. Will hopefully be done soon…

guess this is not on the to do list… gotta keep manually writing down sample loop points w/ my pen and paper <_<

i think its on the to-do list.

as Taktik wrote it will hopefully be done soon :D
would be nice for sure