Ex Roland engineers release freeware software drumsynthesizer

Pretty great sounding .
It only works standalone and it needs a midi loopback device when sequenced from the included sequencer .
The soundengine is stand alone and can be sequencedfrom your hardware seq ( if you have any )
Lot’s of parameters to tweak and it sounds pretty great too


Link to the software?

Are you serious?
~~there is literally page on their site rc808 download.

Ah! The “post a link to a page that makes people look for the link to thing you are actually talking about”

That page would have made for a better link than “About us”

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No linux version :frowning:

This automatically happened when I pasted the url
Blame the webhosting service , not me

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np. Thanks for posting this!

Think it would run under WINE?

Mac and Linux will follow soon, but I hope they also will make a VST version. Why standalone, I don’t geddit.

Possibly it’s working, but I don’t use wine and I try to go 100% Linux.

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How do you know? Is there more info somewhere?

Damnit, sorry, I misread the 3rd disabled link as “Linux coming soon”, instead it’s written “ref manual coming soon”.

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Damn, it sounds really good. Never heard other software sound so “broken” and analog before.

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We need vst 3 in renoise fast , since the aqesome rc808 is now released as vst 3

This actually sounds insane how do you guys sample the stuff tho ?

Must be that the patents expired or something. It’s the original tech… wild

What do you mean original tech ??
It’s a software plug and if you have a look the underlying strucuture you’ll notice a lot similarities with the Roland rompler style, individual envelopes and filters per partial etc…+ the fact that’s it’s not based on samples but analogue modelling
But nowhere does it say that it uses the original 808 circuit

In this particular case, “tech,” is an idiom.