Exactly, Precisely What I've Been Looking For!

You all have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to find a program that does exactly this. I “grew up” on MED, OctaMED, then FT2, etc… then got lazy, then tried to come back to tracking using things like Madtracker and Skale… great programs, but couldn’t do the things I wanted them to do, and they kind of fell off the planet.

I spent an inordinate amount of time searching through “reviews” pages of trackers, and most of them I could find were from like 1998 or some crap:)

I finally came across this place/program, downloaded and tried it last night.


I just want to say EXCELLENT WORK. This is NEAR PERFECT for me.

Sorry… I just had to throw kudos around.

Continually amazed at past trackers still not knowing about Renoise! There should be more marketing of this app on the net.

anywayssss, welcome Rob :)

first of all, welcome aboard!

the question which arises each time I see a post like yours is:

how can a person who is obsessively searching for a tracker be unable to find Renoise?

really, I think Renoise can be found quite easily, it’s been mentioned on Wikipedia too as a tracker… could you tell us which kind of searches did you perform which did not result in Renoise? how could you have found madtracker and skale without finding renoise too?

this would be an interesting feedback for us.

edit: Jonas, heh…

True, i’m a buzzer since years and found renoise by coincidence.


I of course saw the wikipedia article, and maybe renoise was buried in that list somewhere, but it certainly did not stick out as anything new or updated.

I googled for “music trackers”, “modern trackers”, “music mod”, etc… like I said above, it gave me results, but they were old articles and lists.

and… thanks for the warm welcome. I’ll be annoying you all a lot soon, as I develop a loving relationship with this new tool.

I guess we need more than just KVR-audio and CM magazine

It’s interesting that without the quotes Renoise is the first result, but with quotes Renoise is nowhere to be seen. If you use singular (“music tracker”) it’s first again.

shrug what would your search criteria look like if you were searching for a program like this, but didn’t know its name?

Welcome mate.

I grew up on trackers too, like you.

You are going to LOVE this software, and also this community.

Dont be afraid to ask any questions you like. Everyone here is lovely and we are all basically geeks who love to let the world know what we do, so helping people is great fun for us all!! :) :) :)

renoise is the king of trackers, most people find out about it via word of mouth in real life and internet life

Strange that no one at madtracker forums mentioned this place. I guess I understand, though. Madtracker could have been awesome, if they kept up with the project.

… and dropped the windows GUI :smashed: (whoa, that smiley seems kinda harsh, I don’t mean to criticize MT with that, just Windows :lol:)