Exciter Dsp

So , I would like to know what It actually does , been using it as a last device on th master channel and I am pleasantly surprised by the results .
But what does an exciter actually do ?
I Know about the aphex aural exciter and the various behringer clones , but how does it work …how does it alter the existing harmonics , by some kind of filtering ?
Enlightn me

I would also like to know what the principles behind “excitation” are. Compression? Filtering? Phase shifting? It sounds good. How?

Its basically a type of eq… There is a bit of a mystery on how they are designed… obviously they have a wikipedia page… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exciter_(effect)

I remember reading this SOS Article years and years ago… circa 2006/07 when I had basically been producing for a year… http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan00/articles/enhancer.htm

i just quickly skimmed this one… same deal http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/1997_articles/dec97/hofex.html

I notice the Renoise exciter splits bands, and has mid-side processing… I must confess, I haven’t used the Renoise exciter… I once heard, “using an exciter is a double edged sword,” your ears will get used to the sound of that type of processing… like a rum candy… carpe diem…

Ok, so ideally the device isolates fundamentals and adds a few harmonics. It does this differently for the mid and side signals according to what I dial in.
So really I guess this is a tool for individual tracks if and when it would help.

Well if the exciter dsp is such a mystical device how there are so many ( free ) commercial versions available ?
Is the renoise dsp based on custom code , or is it based on freeware code , ?
I mean i mean i mean , what does it doo, what’s the magic , I can achieve some similar results with mid/side processing and eq’s in reaktor but still …

some insight please ?


Most exciters I’ve used seem like they are just boosting or saturating the extreme high frequencies…it supposedly effects the harmonics in a good way.

aphex exciter… you should try it at 24bit/192kHz.