Excl hiphop beat needed

Hi guys!

I’m recording a hiphop album with some friends for fun and would love to have a Renoise built track on it. Also to learn how to make hiphop in Renoise in the future. I started out using trackers and Renoise in the early 2000’s for hardstyle mostly but want to pick it up again. If someone can make me (or has) a great hiphop beat I would love to buy it!. Name a price! I would like the xrns file so I can learn and adjust things while making the song. I would like a old skool type beat (bit jazzy or funky is nice as well). I’m not lazy but just out of the producing game for a while and don’t want to go to the regular websites for a track.

Hope someone can help!

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Hi & Welcome! (i see now that this is your first post here!)

one example.

  • But i would gladly assist you how you can achieve it. Just ping me whenever :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I’ll check out your beat. The thing is I would just love to have an xrns file with a finished song that’s hiphop. But I understand people don’t want to share their file so that’s why I offered to pay for it. We want to record the song and after that I want to pick up producing beats with Renoise because I understandit from my old versions. The demo songs are mostly not the style of music I would like to produce.

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^this is for sale if you like it, can provide as xrns


Stick to @dspasic when it comes to Hip Hop beats, he’s really good in it. Never heard anything else from him than Hip Hop beats, so he’s your man. If you don’t get along for any reason I can also give you a Hip Hop beat for free, 10 years ago I made tons of loops which are now rotting on my harddrive and they probably will never be used again. But it’s all loops, there’s no finished track, and you’re looking for a finished track, right? But on the other hand a Hip Hop beat needs to get adapted to your text and to your flow, so I think you will have to work together in terms of the beat. :wink:


I second that dspasic produces really fire beats


Hey thanks so much for your reply. I’ve listened to the beats dspasic made and yeah, that’s good!!
Cool that you offer me some loops. Always welcome :wink:
For me it’s more that we’re going to make a track again this weekend and I want to show them Renoise. My friends use Logic or Fruity Loops. Planning on making beats again and a full song in xrns would help so I can show it and mess around while recording. But a nice loop is cool. I’m sure I can fix the drums :grinning:

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That is dope as hell, love the shuffle and almost stuttering effect where I’m left expecting a beat or sound and it’s not there. That is so fucking cool, proper NYC gangster shit. If it was a touch slower I could see Conway or Benny from Griselda on that beat.

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Thank you guys! I really appreciate the positive feedback @stoiximan @TNT @BriocheBaps :blush:

@Dreambottle well, i have plenty of them. We can have a call and you can say if one suits your needs or i can send you a batch preview so you can choose :slight_smile:

If you want to show them Renoise, creating a beat by yourself easily within minutes (if not seconds) would be the real deal, right? That’s something you can’t do in Logic or Fruity Loops, only on a tracker. If I were you I would accept the generous offer by @dspasic and get a finished Rap beat. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t need to fix the drums, the drums are already good. :wink:
I checked some loops, but unfortunately I only can hear half of it, because there are many VSTs in use which I don’t use anymore on my current system. So actually I don’t know how the loops really sound like. But if you still need a drum loop after getting a finished Rap beat by dspasic we can do this.


Hi! Thanks that would be amazing! Like I said, I understand if it’s not for free. But it would be so much help to see how it’s build!

My style is mostly your style after listening to your beats so I’m sure there’s something suitable.

If you’re not comfortable sending the xrns I understand. Might still pick a beat.

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