"exclude" Selection ?

This may already be in there but I haven’t found it.

But would it be possible to in advanced edit to exclude things ?
I often find myself trying different base notes, see if it sounds different/better by using D instead of C etc.
So I transponse alot back and forth etc.
However I would like to be able to exclude tracks from the effect of the transponse without going through every track one by one that should be affected.
This could be handled through e.g. muting the tracks that shouldn’t receive the effect.

note range exclusion is not available; you are surely aware of the fact that the checkboxes in the advancaed edit section let you exclude ceraint columns from editing, but this is of course not what you asked.

the only way to do this at the moment is by copying the notes you want to change, paste them in notepad, and use “Find and replace” to perform a manual transposition. For example, say you want to transpose all C-4 to D-4, all D-4 to E-4, all F-4 to G-4 (thus NOT E-4 to F#4): from notepad, find F-4 and replace it with G-4, then find D-4 and replace with E-4, find C-4 and replace with D-4, then paste the whole notepad content back to Renoise.

A really awkward workaround, I know…

Almost sounds easier to keep going from track to track :)

Yes, I know the checkboxes in advanced edit but as you say you can’t include tracks and then exclude other tracks.
It would also be great to be able to select a range of patterns.
E.g. use the “loop pattern” selection to select which range.

I suggested this should be added to the advanced edit a long time ago.

I still miss it though.