.exe standalone bassline generator

Heyaah peeeps!!!

I’ve made bassline generator in Dev-C++ for Windows. Program is standalone - it’s not VSTi .dll, I can not still figure out what calls has to be implemented in the plug to let the DAW open it. Even after getting throughout VST SDK, which does not compile and contain errors. Even after few books from Mr. Pirkle. So I made usual executable. Algorythm is too slow for a plugin anyway.

Program opens file requester to choose script .txt file with bassline sequence. After a longer moment another requester popps in to choose filename for .raw output file. More details are there in .txt info file in archive.


Drop the bass, scream and shout!!!


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Maybe include some demo sounds on your website so people can actually hear what this thing does?

Also: Chrome doesn’t seem to trust your download here… Might just be a temporary thing until the file has been downloaded a few times and becomes more trusted.


YOLO is simply not your kind of thing… XD