Exidy Tours

…anyone familiair with the lp ? nah…Just staretd a topic to justify the fact it’s awesome ceephax acid crew
exidy tours …Westmalle/delerium tremens …belgium beer :dribble: :drummer:

hardcore esplanade!

damn ignore my post cause I was verry drunk …but still ceephax is da man

ceephax is DA MAN

Camelot Jostle FTW!

essex remblance FTW!


ceephax got a 303 stolen from him.

all about acid varsity speciale. the recent one on planet mu, megalift ep was cool too. most of them are cool.

gutting about the 303

i want that ceephax tape

and the man has a natural talent for humour
His best friend is a particle called terry :)

the funbox tape?

the first one is good but eurostar acid (despite the awesome concept) was abit rubbish. wait that was also the concept. yeah but it kinda sucked ^_^