[exists] "Auto-Generate Drumkit"

Just a small suggestion that would improve my work flow, and maybe that of others: I think it would be nice if when you add a second sample to an instrument, the instrument would automatically become a drum kit. I think this would make sense because the way it works now, adding a second sample in itself does nothing, you have to use instrument editor to assign it to a key before you can use it. (I also suspect that “drum kits” are used more often than multisampled chromatic instruments, but maybe that’s just me).

I know, it would only save two clicks, so it’s not the most important thing in the world, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. :)

Personally I would prefer see a keyboard shortcut for changing sample slot within an insturment. That would make it a lot faster for doing multisample instruments and auto generating a drum kit is a piece of cake no matter how many samples you add as it’s a single button.

also, as I suggested in the past, I’d like to be able to rightclick the virtual keyboard in order to select the sample associated with the pressed key. currently, leftclick and rightclick actions do the same, which makes little sense according to me.

we are hijacking nism’s topic, by the way :rolleyes:

I agree with Nisms original request as I mainly use the generate drumkit for, well, drumkits :) , but I guess there are more people using Renoise and they might oppose this behaviour in their workflow. Toggle in the preferences?

I rather have the generate drumkit thing in the instrument editor ‘midi mappable’ or have a keyboard shortcut as it sucks having to always go to the instrument editor after importing a bunch of wavs from the (expanded)disk-op.

I agree with all of above the replies that sample mapping could be improved, I especially like Jonas’ suggestion about midi mapping. (and I don’t consider this a thread hijack, by the way. Keep the ideas coming!).

Yes, I thought about that too, and maybe that would be ideal. The reason I think “drum kit” should be default mode for instruments with more than one sample, is that now you always have to use the instrument editor, whether you create a drum kit or a chromatic instrument. If drum kit was the default, you would only need to use the instrument editor for chromatic instruments. But you are right, maybe some people like the way it works now better.

Although I personally use very little in the way of multi-sample instruments this is why I don’t like the idea of it being automatic.

If you put in a second sample and it started generating a drum kit, but in fact you are loading sample from a multi-sampled instrument, where each sampled note is designed to cover a range of 5 semi-tones.

Loads all you x amount of samples.

This puts them all as a drum kit, next to each other.

When you get to C4 (can’t believe we still can’t set the base note for drum kits, or move it afterwards!) and up you will have loads of keys you will then have to reset, 4 extra ones per sample of the multi sampled instrument.

This is a hell of a lot of extra work added to remove having to do something that is just two mouse clicks. Why save two mouse clicks for you to possibly add 20 mouse clicks to somebody else? Keyboard shortcut from Instrument Editor AND from Instruments/Sample Panel is a much neater solution IMO.

And please add sample (not instrument) navigation with the keyboard.

I hadn’t thought of that, and you are absolutely right. I withdraw my original suggestion, though an option and/or a keyboard shortcut would be nice.

And +1 for adding keyboard shortcuts for navigating samples.

Actually I’ve just realised I’m wrong. You would still have to change them all, you’re just changing them from the default of 0 (or whichever slot you dragged onto (which I didn’t know before and almost though was a bug as goes to 1 when you only have a single slot) so still have to click on them all.

Re left/right mouse click. How about being able to set ranges with it. Left click will set a note to a sample, then right clicking a key higher up the scale will look down the keyboard for an instance of the same sample and fill in all the ones in between to the same sample?

Sorry for side-tracking your thread even more. Seems to be turning more into a general Instrument Editor discussion, rather than your suggestion.

The “Auto” generate drumkit is already present however this is how it works:
Insert two samples into an instrument, then “click” generate drumkit.
Now add more samples to the instrument and watch your virtual keyboard assignments…

I read his initial request as, adding a second sample ‘without having ever hit generate drumkit’ have it automatically do so. I’m aware that it does right now when you have and I love it. Still having to resort to that tab / button combo everytime you drag in a bunch of waves grates.

Yeah, this is what I meant with “Auto”. I know that once you’ve pressed Generate Drumkit new samples are mapped automatically, and that is great. I just thought it would be more convenient if I didn’t have to go to the instrument editor and click Generate Drumkit every time. But if I could just assign a key combination to that function, that would help a lot (it is one of the very few functions that can’t be assigned to a key combination).

OK can I throw something in here that should help both with drum kits and making instruments.

As standard Renoise Automatically starts making a drum kit type instrument, with C4 as the base note.

Base note can be changed at any time and all samples are moved to be respective to the new bass note.

There is a note range value next to base note, which for a drum kit would be 1 (each drum only sits on one note.) For multi-sampled instruments you might change this to say 3 or 5 and then each sample would be assigned to that many notes, starting from the base note.

There is a check box to stop the auto-mapping and return the instrument editor to current operation. So if you have odd spans of note ranges or other wants it is still possible.

Maybe a White Key Only checkbox but I’m not sure about that one…

I like that idea! It would make building both drumkits and chromatic instruments easier. On the other hand, it’s quite a bit different than the way it works now, so some people may not agree.

Well as the current way has been left in there as a checkbox all it needs is for that to be the way instruments are as standard and you wouldn’t even notice the difference unless you wanted to use it.

Personally I actually rarely use more than one sample per instrument but I understand a lot of others do and think it could greatly improve usability of setting up multi-samples instruments and drum kits.