Expand By Three

A simple one this. You can already expand (or shrink) selections/patterns by two. This will leave gaps in between the notes, so you can add more detail.

My request is to expand/shrink by 3 (or more). Being able to turn a single beat into a triplet can be very handy sometimes.

i would support this. While we’re on this area of pattern manipulation… what about something to move chunks of selections up or down by a certain number of ticks (since you can only move a whole line up or down without doing it manually)
not trying to go OT in the first post, I think these ideas are somehow related though :)



Just turn up the speed and you’ll have enough space.

Do you mean an option to expand just one little piece somewhere. Or the whole song?
If you want to expand just a little piece or a break it will get messy I think.