Expand Pattern Command

Sometimes i’ll make a track at speed 6, but decide i need more resolution, so i’ll set to speed 3, but then i have to double the pattern length and add a space between every note in every track to maintain the original tempo.

This is a pain to do.

I’d love to see a command that expands the entire song in this way, changing the speed/bpm for you, adds the blanks for you, etc. Basically lets you set an amount of blanks you want inserted and adjusts the entire song for you.

Am i making sense? God i want this so bad. It’s almost sexual. :blink:

I hope you don’t add the spaces manually…? There is an expand button in the advanced edit, and this can be masked to track, pattern, song etc.


Those buttons aren’t the same color as my buttons. What version are you using?!?

Hehe, don’t worry, it’s just a custom theme I made a long time ago called “dark-grey-green” (creative, I know). You can grab it from this thread:


People seem to like this one I guess since you’re not the first to ask about it. Maybe it should be included in the next Renoise update cough devs/mods cough. :D


I was hoping more for a zoom feature of some sort, but I guess this would do too… but wait, wasn’t the next version going to ditch the speed number and only use BPM? If so, the ability to zoom into the pattern would be almost manditory

Oh god O_O.
I’ll just go and cry now.

no, it isn’t

I’m really confused now… what with all the crying and stuff

OT: i assume you’re not much familiar with ticks’n speed.
maybe a few answers … for now

there’s a lot other stuff to read ( just a quick search )

it is because, the feature he was so desiring, was in his grasp the whole time! :D

Sometimes, i’ll put some notes in a column, but then, i’ll want to move them to another column. I do this by deleting the old notes and retyping them in the new column (i write them down on paper before so I don’t forget) - it’s a real pain. I’d like a feature where you could “cut & paste” notes, am I making any sense?


you can select the note you want to move by:

  • using mouse clicking+dragging
  • using CTRL+B(egin) and CTRL+E(nd) to select a pattern zone

then you can cut the selection by:

  • rightclicking it and choosing “Cut” in the menu which will appear
  • pressing CTRL-X or ALT+F3

then you can paste the selection elsewhere by:

  • rightclicking the destination zone and choosing “Paste” in the menu which will appear
  • pressing CTRL+V or ALT+F5

those FT2 times are over :rolleyes:

I think we need a better smiley for irony :)

a couple proposals:

I was confused at his crying… I’m not confused at all about ticks’n speed… I started off in the mid 90s with FT2 ;)

Cry of joy perhaps… Thanks for the theme dblue, nice one. :)

i like the second one