Expand/shrink Functions Recalculate Delay Column Values

Its pretty much in the title.

At the moment I think expand will only expand a group of notes relative to the pattern but if there are delay values attached they end up out of sync. Same applies to shrinking.

A simple, automatic doubling of the delay column values on expansion (halving for shrinking) and bumping of notes (when doubling results in values > FF) would extend the functionality of the renoise 2 resolution.
I can see the bumping issue may have a negative effect when shrinking that note back though.

A possible extension of this could be recalculation of Ex retrigger values, arpeggio speeds, tremolo speed , though I personally think this is less necessary than the initial suggestion.

The behaviour could be toggled with a tickbox below the shrink expand buttons or from the already existing advanced edit filters.

Anyone else like to see this simple option implemented?