Expand Shrink Phrase and pattern

I was thinking if this would be easy?

I import midi in a phrase say for 204 lines and 1 LPB. Trying to quantize midi by hand. I know I can double (CTRL + F9) its size. Say I want to expand it for 364 lines. Is there any tool for this?

the only way I found is hitting insert from QWERTY keyboard, before each note I want to move forward.

By the way, how to delete a single or multiple lines? (opposite from insert tip)

Maybe use this in the pattern editor first; https://forum.renoise.com/t/new-tool-2-8-3-0-flexible-pattern-resizer/30664

then copy over to the phrase editor?

Yeap! Simple as lemon. Thank you!

and to delete a row? I mean move all following notes by -1

and to delete a row?

Use Backspace.