Expand/shrink To Keyshortcuts?

hi, can expand and shrink block selection be defined as keyshortcuts, please?

btw, d’you know if theres any plans to make the renoise keyshortcuts searchable by “pressing-of-shortcut” or display-all-shortcuts in use and out of use, like a full list, instead of just divided to specific views, etc?

no, unfortunately there is no shortcut for those operations, and I also would like to have them available when focus is on the pattern editor, but there are really a lot of them to support.

if you want to know to which action acertain key combination is assigned, just select any action, click on the textbox which has the “Assign” button, press the desired key combination and you will see if there is any conflict: the conflicting shortcut is the one you were looking for. It’s a workaround, of course, but it’s simple and it works.

ach, maybe one day :)