Expanded automatable per track groove controls

I’d love to see this added. Not just like the current Master Groove either, but per track Groove sliders with the ability to move the zero and one or the two and three individually before or after where they should land instead of moving 0/1 and 2/3 together for a generic “swing” groove. It’s been hell finding a replacement for what ACID Pro can do with their custom groove tool and how easy it is to create complex unique realistic sounding grooves with it.

Basically I’d like to see per track Groove controls like the current Master Groove but that let you move any line early or late and lets you affect every line based on the LPB or perhaps based on some determined length, like being able to select how many lines long the groove is and have it loop when you get past that number of lines.

Also be great if we could automate groove controls.

ACID’s best-in-industry groove maker



Per-line groove control could also open renoise up to some more advanced features like extracting grooves and saving and applying them to tracks without needing a ton of extra coding or hard work, because if each line is affected by the groove then you would just need to pull the note delays from each lines and copy their values to the groove track to extract a groove, no fancy audio analysis or coding wizardry required.

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Can’t you just use the delay column? I am not understanding maybe and don’t really know anything about groove.

It is about efficiency and ease of having different instruments follow the same Groove

I’d just make a bunch of swung/grooved phrase presets:
Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 1.54.07 PM
using the delay column and load them in as needed in the phrase editor… Not saying you shouldn’t want what you want, but that would be a decent workaround for the current feature set


That is actually quite a clever idea, thank you

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sure thing. phrases can be really powerful and it’s nice to have the ability to access your own as presets :+1:

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Groove is nothing but step delay at regular intervals .
It takes literally 3 steps
Insert delay values , fine select (alt+shift +arrowkeys ) and continous paste ( ctrl +p )
Done !

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That doesn’t mean this wouldn’t be useful and more efficient

fine select is something working natively in Renoise or by using tools? i cannot make it work? or this is mock-up? :slight_smile:

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It’s done natively
HOLD SHIFT+ALT and arrow keys to select
CTRL +ALT +mouse cursor
I have no idea why there are different key commands for mouse versus arrow key s


somehow i misunderstood that inserted delay values could be fine-tuned by keyboard like select delay value, use key combo to alter value (+10 -5 -X +Y any set value for that particular keystroke)

i guess that i read what i want to read lol. Thanks for explaining, been using that functionality already. :slight_smile:

Hi, bringing this back instead of opening a new one, because in interested in this trick. can un expand a little more on how to use phrases for making “swing presents”? thanks
And if the meantime a new cool way/tool emerged to do per track groove/swing it will be cool to know.

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Sure. Say for example you wanted a quintuplet swing pattern in your hihats (or whatever). Open a new phrase within your hihat (or whatever) instrument, set LPB to 5, lines to 5, events on line 00 and 03 like so:
Screen Shot 2024-06-04 at 12.57.04 PM
Save this as a preset here:

Then you can call up this swing pattern in whatever instrument you want later on. The pattern is just an example. You can make whatever kind of swing pattern (or any other rhythmic or melodic or probabilistic type of pattern) that you like and keep is as a preset to access whenever you like in any instrument. then just record a c-4 note in the pattern editor and, voilá!

Phrase presets are super useful for a variety of tasks. Check em out :slight_smile:

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thanks for the fast reply! I used phrases but just a little, didnt know that you can save presets to reutilize in other instruments. I was somewhat confused by the terms. This way of doing “swing” is the same as doing polymeter right? or what you can do to achieve them with phrases.

I’m not sure I understand your question. You can use phrases to do polymeters, polyrhythms, swing, or whatever you want. You just have to write the phrase that does what you want it to do

yep, i think i was just thinking loud. I used phrases in the past just for doing polymeters, like quintuplet or Septuplet. Now i was searching alternatives to the global groove controls and arrived at your post, and realized that the “swing” options do exactly the kind of things that I was doing with the quintuplet or Septuplet haha. Was I wasn’t aware or didn’t used is the option to save these as templates and re utilize in any project.