"expanding" a pattern

Fasttracker 2* used to have a handy button marked “expand” which would add an extra line after every line in the pattern you were working on. This was super useful if you had a pattern already and realised you needed greater resolution to work with (eg, 32nd notes rather than 16ths). You could just click expand, double the speed of the song at that point (thus getting a pattern that sounded the same but with more room to move), and add in your wicked snare runs or whatever.
Is there an easy way to replicate this in Renoise? If not, are there any tools available that can do it?

*yes, I am very old.

Puddletron have a look at the advanced edit button/section column sitting next to the pattern/tracks (you’ll probably have to click the A<->E button to open it up.)

Select if you want to effect the current pattern or the whole song, then click the Expand button (should double the length of the pattern/song.) You can also shrink the pattern as well.

Plus not sure if this is also more advanced (arbitrary length) from Mr dblues box of tricks -> https://forum.renoise.com/t/new-tool-2-8-3-0-flexible-pattern-resizer/30664 :slight_smile: