Expanding On Dsp Presets..

Although we have the very handy A/B selection in all our DSPs, I was wondering if it might be worth having 4 preset values that could be called upon by pattern commands, or perhaps just expanding the A/B so it could do the same… Something like this would be particularly useful for LFO & stuff…

Going one step further, we could do entire track DSP chain presets using the trackvolpan device too:

Thoughts? Perhaps too confusing?

+1 for making Device Chain presets, if that is what you meant with that last one. :P

It would be enormously handy when it comes to the vocal track (when doing live). Now I need to insert a Line-In Device, a Gate 2 and usual effects I put on vocals in each time. Okay I can get them easily copied out of my other files, but it would be waaay easier to just have preset Device Chains. :)

I don’t understand your problem ViniMan, you can save Device Chains and it stores all you parameter settings with it. In-Fluence is just suggesting having the Vol/Pan section section also saved with it, which it currently isn’t. Personally I think it’s better as it is as having it as a togglable option could be confusing.

You mean like saving a template song (in the song settings panel), or am I missing something else?

check the diskop vini, theres an option underneath ‘songs’ that reads ’ dsp chain’. Click this, than name the chain you wish to save (click with the mouse next to the save button to get a cursor)…and press ‘save’.

damn, i feel stupid now. i knew you could save stuff that way, but never thought through why DSP Chain was standing there. ><"

lol, damn that’s enormously silly of me. :confused:

you’re not the first person who has missed diskop related options, maybe the ‘Track dsp’ tab could have its own save & load icons? That would make things clearer certainly.