Experiment In Variations Of 3/4


i’m looking for feedback…
does anyone have some?

This is not my usual style to listen to but was interesting to listen to none the less. There is a nice variation in texture/ sounds through the song. For me personally I would be looking to put a more definite theme in the song. The oboe (guess its an oboe or clarinet) sequence seems to stand out but I would have prefered it if it had resolved more strongly. I think this would make the whole tune gel better together and add some anticipation for when it was reintroduced. This would also finalise the tune better as at the moment it seems to fade out without a sense of completion.

You`ll have to bear with the above comments as some of the stuff I have mentioned you may have intended but its my personal taste :)

On the mastering side I would definitely reccommend that you try Endorphin (if you havent already and my ears are decieving me ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif)). I tried it while listening to your ogg in renoise + it worked for me. This is a great mastering compressor, try thedeep m/s compression` preset on the master track. Again tho this is down to individual ears and the sound you are after :)

Hope some of this may have been useful, Keep it up!

thank you, i’ll chack out the plug-in. i’m used to messing w/ the wave hammer. i’m tempted to extend the composition further but i’m also afraid that if i tweak it anymore, i’ll never stop tweaking with it. :)

actually, i like the song. i’d use more distortion and a little more effects.

i tweaked it. and i tried the compressor you recommended out. i like it… i think.


Its a good character comp and you cant complain at the price! ![:rolleyes:](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif) ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif) Ive added it to a few of my tracks recently and it really opens them out, particularly more instrumental pieces. Glad it was of some use to you, think it has worked.

Ok, I deleted my whole feedback it was stupid. I like the song but it needs some finishing and it could be done better. So its not perfect, it sounds a bit unfinished. But I like it. Well done.

Flute line is too simple. String hits give me creeps :),. Some sounds need some work.

Structure works, percussion & rythm works, good ideas and feeling. Thanks. You’re welcome.

i’ve actually decided to go with the second one. i’d be tempted to tweak it out more but i like the composition as it stands. i think i’ll have to accept your criticism as a case of “you can’t please everyone all the time.”

because the flute is filling more of a structural role than a lead, i wanted to keep it simple, i don’t want you to notice it even exists (i guess trackers break everything up into seperate sounds when they listen to it). it’s just there to create sort of a multi-timbral chord with the rhodes and string stabs.

the strings give you the creeps? good.

the rythm was alot of fun, i really like programming beats in threes, they slither more than walk.

my main issues are that the strings are a little too noticeable and the slap bass, it’s a little cliche. but i’m accepting my personal gripes with it too. now i’ll have a constant reminder to watch those string stab levels and why slap bass solos are meant to be played by humans.

thank you for your feedback., :)