[Experimental] Controlling 2 Renoises By 1 Controller

This tips may be a bit geeky. But someone may get interested in… :rolleyes:

I made a pair of new Duplex configrations for APC20, called “The Left” & “The Right”.
These configs are usual config divided into two.
By using these configs with MIDI-OX, MIDI Yoke, You can control 2 Renoise by 1 APC20.
(so maybe this tips is effective for Windows users only)
Although I made the configs of APC20 here, this method should be applicable to any controllers.

Anyway, “To see is to believe”. Please see this video.
My play is not good enough though ;) , you can understand about these configs easily.

This is the “L&R” configs for APC20.
1748 APC20.zip

And this is for the LaunchPad.
1749 Launchpad.zip
(As I don’t own LaunchPad, there may be some careless mistakes in the configs)

- [Conceptual figure]

1755 LR-001.png

1 - MIDI-OX settings

– Set up as in these figures.

1756 LR-002.png

1757 LR-003.png

2 - Renoise 1 settings

– Open “The Left” config and select [In From MIDI Yoke: 1] [Out To MIDI Yoke: 2].

1758 LR-004.png

3 - Renoise 2 settings

– Open “The Right” config and select [In From MIDI Yoke: 1] [Out To MIDI Yoke: 2] as well.

Then, adjust both Renoise’s BPM manually to the same, and start playing both simultaneously.

Btw, this trial is very experimental. If you use MIDI Clock sync between Renoise 1&2, frequently the synchronization between 2 Renoises will shift and the rhythm will be out of order. Renoise is not designed supposing such random (dizzy) position changes. So, player’s own ideas are necessary. B)

For Linux users

On Linux, it seems that these configs work fine very easily than Windows.

  • select “Akai APC20 MIDI 1” in & out ports on both configs
  • uncheck the “Enable Transport support” on the Audio settings of Renoise

That’s all. Try it!! :D

1759 LR-linux.png

Its very cool ! i cant wait version for launchpad! thnkx!

good stuff Sato, makes me interested in getting an apc20 for matrix manipulation :)

If I have to choose between an apc20 (182 euro) and a launchpad (159 euro) is there a clear advantage of one over the other for working with Renoise? The apc looks like it has more options.


Someone has an idea for the same configuration (MIDI-OX MIDI Yoke) but under mac osx


Thanks. :)
Mmmm, I cannot do fair enough advice to you since I’ve never touched LaunchPad.
And If I say why I chose APC20, the main reason was the looks, haha ;) . Just I liked the shape of the body.
Probably, it is a conclusive factor whether you like akai type feders.
The grid buttons & faders conbination layout is one advantage of APC20. I like it very much.
But you can buy LaunchPad and another cheap faders like nanoKontrol too, so after all, it might be a issue of the favor.

One clear advantage of LaunchPad is a USB bus power. APC20 needs AC adapter to use.

Yeah, such information is welcomed.
And the information about Linux is welcomed too.

Today I verified this tips again, and I’ve found one important misunderstanding. :(
When doing random position changes like my movie above, the sync between Renoise 1 and 2 is never goes well.
Because the slave Renoise starts following “gradually” to the midi clock from the Master Renoise.
So, we should not use the sync between both Renoises in this case, unfortunately.

Simply, we should adjust both Renoise’s BPM manually to the same, and should care only about starting both simultaneously.
If doing so, we can get good result always. (though the method cannot support Tempo change)

So I edited the first explanation.

But I’ve found one good thing too. I’ve tried this tips on Ubuntu Studio 10.10 too and it works fine. :D
I did not know that APC20 works fine so easily on Ubuntu.
I added the explanation for Linux to the first post.

a friend of mine who tried both told me that the pads on the apc are much better than on the launchpad.