Experimental "Organic" Tech Trance...

This track has been trough a lot of changes, adjustments and mixing throughout the last 3 months, but finally, yesterday I could say that it finally sounds just the way I imagine it would sound. I tried to make it sound organic like Tiesto and his “Suburban Train”, it is not the kind of music you would hear on any platform but it sure is the closest to the genre “Tech trance”, I guess. I hope you will enjoy listening to the track, any feedback will make me happy and your opinion of the genre of the track will be helpful as well…

With Regards Your BrainClaim

I can hear that a lot of work has gone into this. That build-up at the beginning is crazy! Good work!

Thanks man, I really appreciate the feedback, the built-up actually took the least time to make :smiley:

This is very interesting. I think you can say you reached an “organic feel” to your track. Nice one :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the feedback, well, it has always been my dream to make electronic music sound organic with the setup I have got, it is not easy :smiley: