Expert Sleeperscv/Gate

Anyone using (silent way) expert sleepers CV/Gate software and hardware with Renoise? I imagine it would be a great combination. Id love to hear about it!

ok, then why doesn’t anyone use this? No one uses hardware in the tracker community?

I think youre confusing cv with midi ., a lot of people here use hardware ( midi controlled )
The expert sleepers and motu volta software is intended to control analogue equipment that only takes cv signals as a control input , you have to sacrifice an output of your soundcard and this generates the cv signals to control your analogue equipment .
Renoise is perfectly capable of controlling midi hardware ,and I guess renoise is also capable of running the exper sleepers sofftware because it’s just a vst that converts midi to cv from your soundcard output , I know there is someone here on the forum who has a dotcom.modular …maybe ask him

no confusion. Silent way also has jitter free midi output. Sample accurate. This is all being update on a daily basis. Its kind of uncharted territory and exciting to me.

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i am definitely going to get the es-4 when it comes and then i am going to try it out with renoise/numerology.
should be another 2 month before that happens though. booohooo.

numerology is mentioned this a lot. Looks nice, but I think the thing that i like about CV from the computer is the sample accurate midi combined with DIN sync and CV gate all coming from one place in near perfect time. (aside from the midi). So you have total control of the song. I could get an analog sequencer if I wanted random happy accidents. But a linear sequence with song pattern writing with CV , midi, din all under total control. I dont think that is do-able with gear. You’d have to have a midi sequencer running the show. Like an MPC perhaps. . So, Im excited, but it seems certain things need to be ironed out. It is new technology

i can totally understand that. i really want the jitter free midi/din sync/cv/gate to run all my analogue gear from one place as well.
for what it is worth, you can run numerology as Au/Vst now… reckon i´ll be using 90% renoise and 10% numerology. hoho.

just chiming in here because i’m hoping to pick up an es-4 for use with my little modular and renoise can anyone confirm using renoise and expert sleepers software inside renoise with no issues?

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is there a work around for calibration from silent way? ie you need to route audio back into the plug in order to calibrate an oscillator…

I’m just now trying to figure this out… I made some sounds with a few LFOs, but haven’t yet got the voice controlled to work, I need to somehow rout the VSTs output to 6 individual audio channels, but on the dropdown menu on the channel only one stereo pair out of all available can be chosen… I’ll report if I make some progress :)

OK, I played around a bit with this yesterday, but couldn’t get the calibration to work.

I placed the line-in plugin on the same channel with voice controller before it, set the input channel to the one that was receiving the modular output… And got some very strange calibration data, I have no idea what’s going on. The plugin was receiving something since otherwise it produces no curve. Now I was instead getting very strange curve shapes, so maybe the audio was overlaid with some control signal or something?

I will try to look deeper when I have the chance… But then again there is the question of VST fx multiple outputs, that Renoise does not seem to support, so probably the voice controller, even calibrated right, would be limited to only two channels of control, leaving the envelopes out of the question.

You need to set the Output Headroom to 0db if you’re going to use Audio outs from Renoise as CVs. Calibrating SilentWay with Renoise isn’t very easy, not compared to other DAWs. That said, you could just calibrate it once, then sample the DC voltages one note at a time and build a Renoise instrument with it. This will work well assuming you VCOs track deterministically.

Good point about headroom. It’s all too counterintuitive, I’m now creating the modular stuff in Reaper, and then just bringing the samples into Renoise for abuse…

Have you guys been able to make Renoise output the correct level to Expert Sleepers module outputs? I am having an hard time finding the 0 dB level to drive the ES-5 expander module attached to my ES-9 USB interface.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed! (setting output headroom to 0 dB or whatever value does not fix the issue I am having). In other DAWs I just make sure that the mixer fader is at exactly 0 dB and everything works as expected).