Experts Wanted...

Check this video:

Does anyone know the music? My girlfriend thinks it’s from a movie soundtrack… :unsure:
Can you help me?

could be from a soundtrack but my guess is that it is “stock music”. wouldn’t surprise me if the inspiration for this piece (if it’s stock music) was inspired by that movie which she is thinking of.

it’s quite annoying when they rip off songs and do slight variations in commercials… last time i noticed this was when someone copied rose rouge. that jazz bass and driving cymbal loop was definitely the inspiration.

I think this is stock music too.
It has something from the famous ‘Requiem for a dream’ soundtrack.
called Lux aeterna by Clint Mansell

It could be something by Hans Zimmer perhaps, but that style has been almost cliché-like for action movies for quite some time now.