Exponential Edit Step Keyboard Nudge

When pattern editing in Renoise it’s nice to use CTRL & 1-9 to instantly change edit step values to 1-9, but I often need 16, 32 and 64. To get these you have to use CTRL & +/- or the mouse.

Maybe it would be nice to have a modifier, say CTRL & SHIFT & +/- that doubles or halves the current edit step value?

So if it was currently 2, to get 32 you’d just press ‘CTRL & SHIFT & +’ four times.

What thee reckons?

Also, that fact that these commands just double or halve the current edit step value means it would be compatible with 3/4 time signatures, so you could navigate around 3, 6, 12 and 24 easily too.

Obviously halving could result in fractions of numbers, these should just be rounded.

Double and half Edit Step already exist. Default mapping [Alt]+[=] and [Alt]+[-]

Oh shit!

Wow, thanks man. You seem to be king of lesser-known features around here!

Delete this thread if you want.


What i would like to add here is to get page up and down to be related to lpb, with variable setting default could be 2 but up to user, with lpb 8
It would jump standard 16 but this feature would be especially handy for 3/4 patterns where 16 jump is quite annoying

And what i suggested before “smart step” useful for editting written data, it would find the nearest next note and jump to it
Again this could help if you had rythm like







You could copy and paste this pattern and with smart step edit it very quickly

Thanks kazakore, didn’t know that one either!
And yes pagedown/up relative to LPB is something I’ve thought about too, nice idea. Jump to nearest note sounds cool as well! +1 on both features! :)

Protman is working on LPB-dependent Pageup/Pagedown. It’s in the ImpulseShortcuts script he’s working on.
Another thing that Impulsetracker had in 1997 and Renoise still doesn’t.

Anyway, I’d love for the “exponential edit step keyboard nudge” to work with cursor up&down too, for those of us who don’t have pageup/pagedown on their laptop keyboard.