Export A Pattern To Midi

So I can make a melody in renoise, and import it into another music program? can’t find that option…?

Hmm, I have tried to do this in the past, and currently I don’t think renoise can Export midi data to a *.mid file. I needed to convert some melody lines to mid so another program could could convert the mid into ‘music score’ so that some musicians could play my melodies. :)

How I did it, I think, was running EnergyXT and using it’s internal sequencer/piano-roll to record the midi data coming from Renoise. Then I used XT to export that data to a *.mid - at least that’s how I remember doing it.

A *.mid export tool would be great.

I basically know two ways :

replace the instrument you want as midi with an energyXT-Instance, set the sequencer to external sync, hit record in energy, hit play in renoise, export the midi


sync renoise as master to any other midi application that allows this and use midiyoke (or hubis virtual midi cable) to add a midi-out to the instrument you want as midi, record it in the other application. this however has the problem with the sync being wobbly, you need to quantisize later. this could work with programs like these :


there was also a program called “windjammer”, basically an uncrippled shareware midi-sequencer from the windows 3.11/95 era I checked out years ago, but I can’t find it anymore on the web.

but using only renoise it’s not possible, a midi-export would be really great though.