Export All Samples, Instruments Etc To A Folder

I would like to have the option to select all samples and export them to my renoise song folder.

I know that trackers are famous of their all-in-one song with samples included and I’m very happy with that . But with this new feature I can easily exchange songs and cooperate with other producerers who use sequencers or other DAW’s.

I would also like to see this.

One of the things that really draws me to reason is the ability load up drums samples, process them with FX, and then hit the render to sample option. When creating Drum Kits I find this beats any process I have ever found, even faster than in an audio editor like Cool Edit. But, there is no easy way to export the samples after I have processed them. While I use renoise for sequencing it would still be really nice to have this feature. Just a way to drag the processed “instrument” back into the folder just as you would drag a sample into an instrument.


version 1.6 will have XML structure for all its documents, so expect to see something new into this direction soon

ooh I can’t wait for 1.6. I love renoise.

que? :blink: