Export As Xm

I’m fully aware that you have your own format. But some persons, like me, are dedicated in game creation. Renoise has the best sample editor around in any tracker. And since it has I know that people who discovers it might feel tempted to use it to improve their XM songs with the help of the effects and export the song back to XM. This is the natural step to take since you allready got an XM import facility in the program I can’t see why Renoise should stop there.


I understand your point of view of game developer, but please understand our point of view of Renoise developers: exporting to XM (or any other dead format) will never happen, forget it; Renoise is constantly improving and adding new features, but also its core is changing and taking more and more distance from FT2 engine.
mantanining an XM export is an effort which will be harder with time, and there already are excellent alternatives such as Milkytracker around.

the only way to accomplish this would be by creating an “XM mode” like the one Madtracker had, but FT2 was so peculiar, bug-filled and imprecise, that this mode would require a great effort to make: XMPlay needed 2 years of betatesing, Milkytracker 3 years, and nothing else got as close to perfection as those two softwares

Deliplayer is better but the author has a lot of more years experience with trackers than the developers of XMPlay and Milkytracker.
Though the main deliplayer site went dead or got suspended somewhere mid 2008.

Use Milky Tracker:


Out of curiosity, what game platform are we talking about here?
It has to be something with quite limited memory (else you could just render it to ogg or something)

like you, i create music for handheld games which play XMs or even MODs only. you won’t overcome this without hard work.

i do the music with renoise and then i just compress (8bit MOD samples need this) & export single instruments and rewrite it completely to MOD/XM with milkytracker. no export script can EVER do the job better than you. it’s pretty hard work but there’s no other option (if you don’t want it to sound shitty)…