Export sample with modulation as .wav

Hello I’m new to Renoise and I’m looking for a way to export my samples which I edited via the “Modulation” and “Effects” tabs.
When trying to right-click the sample and use “Save Sample As…” it only saves the original sample as .wav

I know there is a way to apply the effects track to the sample at the bottom of the waveform editor but I cant find I way to apply the modulation too.

Is this possible in Renoise?

The easiest way is to input some note data in the pattern editor, select the note and some lines after, right click, render selection


I guess this will work

sorry, it’s right click>selection>render to sample.
set it up with a hotkey in the preferences and it’s super quick. or maybe it has one already by default? I use it all the time. resampling is renoise magick :sparkles: