Export to midi file

Another stupid question,

how can i export a song to midi? (midi-enabled instruments only of course) …essentially, render to a .mid file all midi events that would be/are generated by playing the song normally?

Does this tool do what you need?


does any one else experience the same problem, when i export MIDI file from renoise, although i setup all instruments to diferent midi chanel and diferent banks and diferent program, my midi file exports every instrument as a piano nuber 1 program. any solution for that?

This tool seems to export uber long notes…it may be something to do with note-offs. Errgg

There is a bug in the export script.

When there are several consequent notes of the same pitch without an intermediate note cut command, sometimes the script writes the noteoffs and ons in wrong order, putting the noteon before noteoff, resulting in notes of zero length.

Just try a sequence like this for the whole pattern:




And you will receive this:

0 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
24 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
24 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
48 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
48 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
72 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
72 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
96 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
96 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
120 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
120 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
144 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
144 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
168 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
168 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
192 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
192 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
216 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
216 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
240 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
240 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
264 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
264 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
288 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
288 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
312 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0
312 On ch=1 n=60 v=127
336 Off ch=1 n=60 v=0

…(goes on)

I’m using Renoise v3.1.0 along with the latest version of the MIDI export tool (com.renoise.MidiConvert V0.94). I do indeed get the same flaw in the output fiie where MIDI instrument/channel properties (such as GM banks as they were saved in Renoise) don’t show up in the MIDI file output, which sort of brings you back to square one - especially if you’ve already mapped your MIDI instruments and channels as you wanted them to be within Renoise.

I hope it’s the kind of bug that can be fixed sometime in the future, so the abovementioned workaround would no longer be necessary. Thanks a lot.

This sounds like something that should be quite easy to fix (some if statement and/or loop going a bit wrong).

I’ve dabbled with midi parsing in Renoise. If someone wants to upload an example of something that breaks, I’d be happy to have a look to see if I can fix it.

Edit: oops, looks like there are new versions up in the tools forum:)

@fiasko do you know if your bug still exists in the other version I linked?

Proper midi export should be implemented , imho a basic function


I am currently trying out the demo version of this tracker, and I am unable to get any midi commands to export. Is there a way to fix this? Also, if there is, would there be a way to emulate what the command parameters would sound like within the tracker?

Proper midi exporting is really important to me and if it has not been implemented then that would be a deal breaker for me.

Look at the tools. There are many to export your *.mid.
A tracker is however not a genius midi tool. You should consider having a look at sequencers.