Export Wav/aif Samples With Loop Points ?

This would be very useful to me, and I bet other people, and not very difficult to implement I guess.
I have in fact tons of looping aifs to make since I doing some DS soundbanks, and I find Sound Forge’s looping tool to be completely retarded and uneasy to use compared to Renoise’s, which makes it a lot faster to find loop point and test them in real time.

So right now what I do is that I do my loops in Renoise, then write down on paper the where the loop points are, and try to find them back in Sound Forge. Retarded, I know :)

Being able to export wav/aif with their loopoints from Renoise would be killer. Thanks for reading.

Actually, the looppoints are defined in the instrument structure, so writing a snippet of code to add the smpl data into the wave-file from within a utility that could extract the data from the XRNI, should be a piece of cake for a lot of programmers here.

If it’s really peace of cake could someone please do it? :) I’m in need for this too.

does flac support loop points?

Preferably taktik :D

FLAC can include custom tags, which may be used for storing loop points.

Yes, but they unfortunately have no standard/official loop point tag, so this tag would be only read/written by Renoise.

Yeah, thats definitely my job. No need for help here…