Exporting Rns Song To A Midifile


I have a song completly made with midi and would like to have a SMF from it.
I know there is no possibility yet to export a rns-song to a Standard Midifile, but maybe there is a multitrack-tool to record the Midi-out-sendings from Renoise and then convert/save it as SMF?

Or are there any other ways?

Wait for 1.5 :D

Unfortunatly no time to wait! ;)

um… how about midiox?

unfortunately smf-export is’nt implemented in 1.5 … thats the latest information of the dev team: only smf-import in 1.5!!! … smf-export hopefully in the first new version after the 1.5 release :huh: <_<

To import midi-files into Renoise pre1.5 you can always use ModPlug that support MIDI-import, then save the imported file to XM and then load it into renoise. I have done this a few times and it works okay even if some editing sometimes is needed cause modplug do mix same instrument over several different tracks, but in renoise it is often more suitable to have them in the same track but in different columns… With this method you can atleast import the most important and most elementary parts of the midi-file, not controller changes and sysex-data though…
I do not know any good and easy way to export renoise-songs to midi-files, but as paradoxic mention you can always use a combination of midiox and midiyoke to do something like this. Install midiyoke (virtual midi-ports that you can use to route midi traffic internaly in your computer), set all the instruments in your renoise-song to a midiyoke output in the instruments midi-setting, open midiox and configure to listen to all the midiyouke outputs you have used. Start to record midi-data in midiox and then press play your song in renoise. When the song has finished, stop recording in midiox and then save to a midi-file. It maybe sounds a bit longwinded and I havn’t tried this myself so I can not garantee that it works but it might maybe work so it is maybe worth a try if you are desperate…

Thank you. :) I will try it next time.
I have recorded the renoise-song to an external sequencer (Yamaha Rm1x) and saved it as SMF. This worked easy and fine too.